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This area of the wiki discusses "authoring" songs for RBN -- the process by which Rock Band song packages are created. The links below discuss each step of the process in detail. Before you create gameplay elements you will need to mix your song and set up your MIDI tracks to conform to Rock Band standards. Some careful attention at the beginning of the process will save you much time and heartache later on. Our FAQ contains the answers to many frequently asked authoring questions.



The authoring process looks something like this:

  1. Mix your song's multi-track recordings ("stems") for Rock Band.
  2. Create all gameplay data as a MIDI file with Reaper or another DAW.
  3. Combine your stems and MIDI to create a song package with Magma.
  4. Use Audition Mode within Rock Band 3 to test your song in-game.

Mix and MIDI

Information on creating your audio files and the basic MIDI file that you will use for authoring.

  • Audio Setup: How to render "stems" (playable instrument tracks) for use in RBN.
  • Mix and MIDI Setup: How to mix your stems, prepare your MIDI file, and create a tempo map and other basic considerations.
    • Practice Sections: Information about creating practice sections in the EVENT track.


These documents discuss best practices for authoring, our standards for difficulty, the philosophy of how to create great gameplay tracks, and technical information about lyrics, animations, drums fills, and more. Before authoring any gameplay elements, make sure your stems and MIDI file are prepared as per the "Mix and MIDI Setup" section above.


On top of authoring the playable parts, Rock Band 3 also lets you control how everything looks on-stage.

  • Camera and Lights: Describes how to author the VENUE track that controls in-game camera cuts, stage lighting, and post-processing effects.
  • Venue Autogeneration: Information about Magma's venue autogeneration function (to be used in lieu of or in conjunction with manual venue authoring).


Other documentation you should review before submitting your song for playtesting.

  • Common Authoring Mistakes: A list of many common mistakes that authors make during the process. Becoming familiar with this list may improve the quality of your submissions.
  • Playtest Process: Links to the different parts of the playtesting process; another good resource for those seeking to create a very solid submission.
  • Audition Mode: Information on testing your song in Rock Band 3. We recommend testing your songs thoroughly before submitting them for public playtesting.
  • French Version/Version française
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